Specialty Utensils

Quick Edge Knife Sharpener

Size: 3 1/2″ long by 1 1/2″ wide by 2″ tall

Uses: Simply pull your blade between the wheels to sharpen. You will enjoy how remarkably easy it is to sharpen your knives!

Price: $10.50

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Vegetable Peeler

Size: blade 1 3/4″, overall 7 1/4″

Uses: When the peeler was introduced it was an immediate hit and today remains one of the most mentioned products we sell! A must for every kitchen!

Price: $10.50

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Cheese Knife

Size: blade 5 1/4″, overall 9 5/8″

Uses: Cut and serve both hard and soft cheeses with style.

Price: $11.00

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Pizza Cutter

Size: wheel 3″ diameter, overall 7 5/8″

Uses: Quickly cut all types of pizza – frozen, homemade, carry-out and delivery.

Price: $17.50

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